fluege.de Ski

Not only for professionals, the fluege.de is always the right decision. Following the current FIS rules, the ski is on the limit with surface, width, length and weight. Also it will give you a perfect inrun speed and a solid  flight feeling. If you want you can create your individual fluege.de. Choose your own properties concerning number of rills, length, stiffness, balance point and ski shovel. ski Prices

Size fluege.de Standard Price (incl. VAT)
180cm bis 220cm / 5cm layering  from 415,- Euro
225cm bis 230cm / 5cm layering from 465,- Euro
Size fluege.de Worldcup Race carbon Price (incl. VAT)
220cm bis 250cm / 5cm layering from 589,- Euro
251cm bis 280cm / 1cm layering from 689,- Euro
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  180cm to 250cm available in 5cm increments. (15,- € surcharge on increments of 1cm) 251cm to 280cm available in 1cm increments.